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The recruitment examination for the Panchayat and Rural Development department of Assam Government was conducted on May 20. However, anomalies were reported from across the state followed by protests by candidates. Demands have also been made for conducting the examination again.

Question papers were circulated on Whatsapp before the exams were over, candidates were using mobile phones in many centres along with invigilators allegedly helping candidates in some locations.

A candidate had sent a photo while sitting for the examination

What followed is more interesting! Assam Panchayat and Rural Development Minister said that the recruitment tests were “FAIR” and conducted in a proper way. And as such, there shall be no re-examination. The Chief Minister, however, had ordered an inquiry on the issue.

Is this what the plan is?

The panchayat elections are due in Assam! Yes, but nobody knows when they are going to be conducted.

So, here’s the catch; elections may not be conducted because even the BJP-led state government has become aware that they might witness a crushing defeat in the same. And hence, all posts shall be filled up, including Gaon Panchayat Secretary (No. of posts: 150), from the candidates who qualify the examination. And the best reason they can give is that qualified and meritorious candidates have been given the posts. (Qualifying candidates would be posted in their home districts)

Government’s benefits and how?

From all that has been going on recently, it would not be wrong to assume that the list of candidates who will get the jobs was finalised long before and the exam was conducted just for namesake. Now, had the elections been conducted, what would have been BJP’s percentage of win? Obviously less than 100%, never 100%; if one asks me, I would say less than 30%.

BUT NOW, when you are appointing your own people, you are getting 100%. Now, come on, who would not love that?

(PS. I don’t say what I have written is the absolute truth but there is at least 1% chance that there might be fragments of truth here. I also ask the team of UniTreed to take down the article as soon as some positive development is seen in the matter. Till then, this is my viewpoint)

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