Honest, courageous and sincere young Politicians and IAS/IPS Officers can solve the burning problems of Assam

By Raj Narayan Bora, Social Activist, Nagaon (+919435160028)

Nagaon, January 05: One cannot say with 100% assurance that Assam does not have any issues to deal with. No! Assam does have its own share of issues be it social, political, economical or geographical, along with other issues. Now finding a solution to all these issues is impossible and beyond a single individual,, however, with my humble thinking, I believe that the issues can be solved to some extent with the posting of sincere, courageous and morally strong administrative officers across the state.

I strongly believe that if 100 youth from Assam come up to join the system as an IAS or IPS officer, the state shall undergo a drastic change, and of course towards the positive side.

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If we move round any city of Assam, we can find hundreds of youth who want to be Doctors or EngineersĀ (It’s a sad reality which nobody can deny), but a very few of them wants to get into administrative service or politics. Sincere and morally strong leaders and administrators are the need of the hour in our great state. An individual who is born and brought up in Assam shall undoubtedly know about the issues of his/her motherland than an individual who is from another state. As such, sincere administrative officers whose roots are connected to Assam shall be able to solve the issues that Assam has been facing, as they have grown up with them.

It has become extremely necessary that at least 100 educated youth come out in the next five years so that a visible change can be seen or else the road to solution will keep on becoming longer, as forever.

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