Wheelchair bound director of Shishu Sarothi called “Pakistani” for not being able to stand up at a movie hall

Guwahati, October 03: The Director of award-winning NGO from Assam Shishu Sarothi, Arman Ali, had gone to watch a movie on September 28 with his nieces and nephew. As usual, the National Anthem was being played and being a wheelchair user, Arman did his best by sitting upright. What happened after the anthem was saddening; someone commented “Saamne ek Pakistani baitha hai“, from the back. Looking behind, he saw two individuals in their 50s.

When his nieces if people have come from Pakistan to watch the movie, he replied “Yes, it’s a super hit movie”.

It must be noted that Shishu Sarothi has been working year after year for children with disabilities from the northeastern region.

Here is his post on Facebook.

Editor’s note: People, these days, tend to act too soon, without going any further to the matter. It must always be remembered that rights and duties are two sides of the same coin. The people who called Arman a “Pakistani” exercised their Freedom of Speech, no doubt, but forgot their responsibility.



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