Meet the candidates from Assam who cleared UPSC

The UPSC 2016-17 results were declared on Wednesday, 31st May, 2017. It is a proud moment for the state as 13 candidates from Assam have successfully cleared the final (mains) exam conducted by UPSC in December, 2016.

The candidates and their rankings are:

Dipankar Nath-254.
Aparajita Das – 333 .
Kapinjal Kishore Sarma-507.
Dipankar Gogoi-816.
Tapan Deka-859.
Seuj Kumar Saikia-676.
Yasodhara Das-845.
Deepjoy Das-849.
Mamoni Doley-928.
Avijit Pegu-1023.
Bandana Deori-1019.
Bidisha Chintey-1082.
Manoj Swargiary-1058.

Kapinjal Kishore Sarma (507 rank )

The prelims was conducted on 7 August, 2016. 11,35,943 candidates had applied for this examination, out of which 4,59,659 candidates appeared whereas 15,452 candidates qualified for the mains examination in December, 2016. Of these, 2,961 candidates qualified for the interview conducted in March-May. Nandini KR from Karnataka has topped the exam.

Source – PTI ( UPSC topper Nandini KR)



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