To Changki, Nagaland: The abode of Peace and Tranquility | Travel photo story

Changki  village is a hamlet in Mokokchung district of Nagaland, India.

One can reach Changki from Jorhat via Mariani; the distance is about 62 kilometres. NH 39 passes through Changki via Mokokchung. Changki is one of the oldest villages of Nagaland which breathes till date.

The air in Changki is as fresh as ever, as it has maintained a strong distance from pollution. Everything in Changki is silent and peaceful. One can enjoy being there, drowning completely in the surreal experience.



The amazingly beautiful valley below and the glorious hills surrounding Changki are picture perfect, making the village a paradise for photographers and travelers. Locals say that the language spoken by the  inhabitants of Changki is the language of the angels.

Changki  is connected with other parts  of the state through private bus services which are available from within the village. English is extensively spoken in Changki and hence communication is not an issue out there.


The streets are filled with scenic beauty. From graveyards to view points, Changki is a haven of visual relief. It must also be noted that Changki also stands apart in cleanliness, a perfect example of Swachch Bharat.

Although the environment is calm and peaceful out there, humans have the tendency to create noise. But for those who wants  to experience fresh pure air and peace, Changki is the place to be because it makes one remember what it’s like t feel alive within Nature. BE ADVENTUROUS, EXPLORE MORE!

To all the wanderlust souls out there, when are you getting your backpacks ready to explore this little paradise of the Northeast?

Photographs and write up by: Chiranjeeb Sonowal



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