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A few kilometres from Deepor Beel towards Rani exists Koinajopa Xil, which has its own unique story.

The Ganesh Temple was constructed by the local people in 2005. The Xil has portraits of Gods along with animals and birds painted on it.

Interaction with the local people revealed that this place has its own story.

The Legend:

Golap Boro, a Bodo (MIL) Lecturer at Brahmaputra Junior College, Garchuk and owner of a computer education institute says “My grandfather used to tell me this story when I was young, and it is also a belief among the localites. Long ago Borjaatris (people accompanying the bride and groom in a marriage) were travelling from Rani and had to stop due to heavy downpour. They stopped near this Xil which then had a hollow opening like a cave. They took shelter in this cave  hoping the rain would stop soon after.”

“But fate had an alternative in store. The opening was blocked by mud and stone debris and overlying big rocks so suddenly that the borjaatris were trapped forever. It was most probably the heavy rains which led to the overlying big rocks to move down and the borjaatris could not be rescued.”

Slowly as time passed by, unfortunate incidents started occurring at that specific point. People have claimed to hear strange sounds at the place. Also, there were many accidents at the curve after vehicles began to ply on the road. The locals have related these incidents to the cosing of the Xil and the trapped borjaatris and have built a temple there. They were apparently correct as the nuber of accidents out there has almost downed to zero. As for the sounds, one or two still claim to hear.

Koinajopa Xil (Koina=Bride; jopa=close) derives its name from this incident.

Call it blind faith or what you may but some of the localites still uphold the age old belief of this story and offer their prayers at the temple.

How to reach: If you are travelling from Garchuk, go a few kilometres after crossing Deepor Beel till you reach a strong curve on the roads. One can see a temple towards the left. Traveling from Rani, one can easily recognize the site as the temple is distinct beside the road.

So when you travel by that road again, do stop at Koinajopa Xil to experience a feeling of …………..well, You decide.



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