Viewpoint | New India 2022: The complications that lie ahead

The New India 2022 is a concept by honourable Prime minister of India Narendra Modi, hhere he explained his idea of a New India and Indians, saying it should be a country that offers opportunities to the poor.

“A new India where the poor do not want anything by way of charity, but seek opportunity to chart out their own course. Indians today are not waiting for governmental scopes; they only want opportunities to be created for them, so that they can work for their livelihood and prosperity” Modi said. “If we are successful, no one can stop India from become a world power” he added.

But do you guys think that the dream of making India rich and fully developed before 2022 will be possible? Because our country is suffering from a lot of problems from many decades, and solutions for which shalll not be available within a short period of time.

Let’s deal with India’s principal complications-

  • Population: India is the world’s second highest populated country. According to Ministry of Labour and Employment of India, the unemployment percentage of India is 3.4, which is 17.8 million people and is increasing every year. Population of India is also increasing every year.

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  • Education: The education system of our country is full of drawbacks. From the last 30-40 years, have been giving attention to linguistics, mathematics, social sciences and other conventional fields. However, we are not focusing on the innovative capacity of students. Due to lack of platforms, students are unable to work in their desired field.
  • Rural India: Digital India is a praiseworthy initiative by the Govt. of India but in case of rural areas of India, it will be like a bulb without electricity. Where villagers do not have food three times a day, proper shelter and clothing, the question that arises is that how are they going to avail the benefits of free WiFi and other accommodations. Development of rural India should not done by making them digital but by making them sustainable, by providing basic facilities, by connecting bio-fuels, solar energy, water-harvesting, nutrition and sanitary systems among other such steps.

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If the government is really interested in making India totally developed before 2022, they should concentrate in the most important field of employment, economy, foreign exchange, raw material, that is Agriculture. As a student of Agriculture, I have come to know its importance and opportunities involved. In a country where more than 50% of the population is engaged in agriculture and which accounts for 17.32% share in GDP of India, according to The Economic Survey, only 4.1% growth has been registered in last years in the sector. India stands first in spice production, first in milk production, first in fishery but still, we are unable to globalise our products. The problem lies in the policies of the government which fail to provide maximum facilities to this sector. If appropriate policies are employed, we can expect a huge 20-25% growth in the next 10 years, provided these policies are coupled with proper technology.

  • Startup India: Gaining higher education and then searching for a job is the ideology of majority if India’s population and due to this mindset, every year, educated unemployment is increasing in our country. The concept of startup is attracting the young generation of our country now; students and youngsters are inspired by the success stories entrepreneurs from the different parts of India. So, not with schemes but by helping small ventures financially with proper guidance in a grass root level shall help India grow.

We shall also never get “A Developed India” by blaming our system and government. Vision 2022 shall never be never completed in this manner. For that we have to give our contribution in making India world’s Best and greatest democracy.

At last, I want to include an old Sanskrit shloka-

“Uddamenahisiddhyanti, karyanina manurathei ǀ

Nah he suptosinghasyah, prabishantimukhemrigahǀǀ”

Which means “making a wish will not give the success; you have to work for that, like a lion should hunt a deer for food; the deer will not jump directly in his mouth.”

By Koushik Baruah

(Koushik is currently pursuing Integrated MSc from Central University of Sikkim. He is the founder of “Optics Foundation”, an youth organisation that works for Science, Technology, Society and Environment. He is also the editor of “Bigyan Darpan”, a Science cum Entrepreneurship magazine from Assam.)

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