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A country which brags about being placed in the hierarchy of offering justice, a country which holds accountability for shielding the whistle-blowers equally fails when it comes to delivering the desired share of justice to officers acting against corrupt politicians.

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The most recent case is that of D Roopa, an IPS officer, who exposed the set of severe anomalies in the Bengaluru prison. Taking on the Tamil political heavy-weight Shashikala, who otherwise could have been the Chief Minister of the state had she not involved herself in her widening hunger for wealth. Roopa exposed the VVIP treatment that Sashikala had been endowed with after an alleged settlement of Rupees 2 crores with jail officials.

What appears to be a cause of concern is that Roopa has been transferred with immediate effect. The story is, however, not new. A set of officers who were true to their sense of duty had to face the brunt for going against the corrupt political wave. Ashok Khemka, Narendra Kumar, Durga Shakti Nagpal, Shrestha Thakur and the never ending list goes on.

The cause of despair here is the repeated subjugation the officers are subjected to. One police officer was found cleaning Mayawati’s shoes during her “Mayawati Idol Installation” tenure as Uttar Pradesh chief minister. Another officer, Sangeeta Kalia was transferred after a spat with Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij.

Possibly the power of transfer and suspension of officials which lie in the hands of the political leaders should be taken away and given to an independently formed body that would exclusively look into the transfer and suspension of officers. The formation should be done keeping in mind ‘the trend of adoption’ that has been prevalent in the Indian system since long. For the fact of a matter, constituting and allocating proper rights to the Civil Services Board can be a solution which would exclusively look into the transfer and suspension of the officers much like what happens in England that colonised us for almost 200 years.

The problem here in our country are the leaders who would never fail to articulate and compare the disasters with developed foreign nations like the UK and the USA. For instance, former Assam Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi on being asked about the flood in Assam responded to a journalist saying floods occur in America as well. Also, current Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah on his interaction with the media said that Roopa violated her code of duty by breaking the news to the media before reporting it to her senior which caused her transfer. But what about the seniors and other officials for whom the prison has turned into an area of recreation for the people who cheated, looted and bluffed lakhs of people with facilities like 51-inch LED TV and other products of luxury?
The deep rooted problem is the shallowness of the system that these people are a part of. For the officers who choose to be loyal to their duty, they are repeatedly being struck by the bossy approach of these ridiculous set of individuals who are running this dynamic, vibrant and diverse country as ministers by having the ball installed permanently in their court through the upper-hand that they are entitled to by the “system”.
When the officers who toil day in and day out to serve the country fall a prey to the growing political atrocities meted on them by the so called ‘political leaders’ or maybe ‘political opportunists’ to be a bit more precise, the administrative and the law and order establishment appears to be weak and downtrodden, thereby, posing a question to the Government as to who the officers are paid to serve, the politicians or the nation?

Well, welcome to Incredible India.



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