RUHI | A Thriller that covers the darker side of humanity

By Minerva Bezbarua

Guwahati, December 04: RUHI by Nufo Films is a thriller with a realistic background. The film has done its best covering up the darker side of humanity, lust, obsessive love, trust, and hope of finding happiness. The film justifies the thriller theme with appreciable acting by the actors Jon Kalita , Priyanka Saikia, Kasturi Kashyap, Parag Kachari and commendable direction by Arunav Baruah Das.

The society of the present day has lost the essence of humanity, sacrifice, love, trust and above all, lacks conscience at every personal level. RUHI has aptly portrayed the shallowness of human soul and the dark evil that has done its best in corrupting humanity.

The film gives viewers thrills and will make them think twice about the darkness luring in our society. It shall make one realise that when we chose to close our eyes debarring ourselves from seeing the harsh reality and dark face of humanity, something real bad was happening to someone else. And that only if we had chosen to help, someone’s life would have been better. The film has also beautifully shown how love these days lack soul and sacrifice; one’s obsession over someone could also possibly turn fatal for the other. Love is not always achieving, love means sacrifice too. No one has ever been happy by doing bad to others. It has shown how we humans have become so selfish in this modern world that we can do anything to achieve what we want.

The film is one of those underrated works that has every potential to make a mark as a good piece of work with good acting, complimenting sound and direction, and overall message. However, the film tremendously lacks promotions which has undoubtedly affected the views. Nufo Films has tried to bring into light the social reality that most of the times we prefer to ignore. Under the direction of a young aspiring Assamese Director, it has been made for the national audience. It can also be a step towards upgrading the Assamese film industry, specifically the short film genre.

It equally important to encourage such works as the Assamese Film Industry is in real need of some emerging talent. The young minds, full of energy, innovation in ideas; talent with the urge to do something for the society and to prove themselves at the same time is what we need to give a boost to the lost charm of our industry. More viewership and appreciation encourages these young talents and the effort behind such good works.

Watch the short film here.

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