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In a country which is largely dynamic and undermines all the barriers of shrinking ideologies, in a country which shields itself from the travesty coming its way due to deep rooted sentiments of community and communal politics, in a country which stands high among the others even after providing a set of opportunities to the home grown problem creating elements, the word Nationalism has always been a reservoir of positive energy for the people who tend to articulate their stand of being loyal to this blend of culture and civilization extended by the land of snake charmers.

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The diversity has been often linked with difference of opinions and approaches towards establishing a peaceful atmosphere. The cause of concern here is to what extent an individual can go down to in order to proclaim his sense of freedom which leads to several connotations. Freedom as per the Indian Constitution is guaranteed to every individual who is a citizen of the world’s largest democracy is what is known to all. But, the crux here is that the freedom also has a set of restrictions that an individual has to keep in mind.

The ‘intellectual fashion’ today is the wuthering indulgence of the youth to oppose the state machinery by tagging themselves as liberal. The temerity to celebrate the destruction of initiatives taken by the government has been a threat not only to the developmental policies but also to the growing level of acceptance of the rational minds.

At a time when this country faces threat from the external enemies, perhaps the need to deal with the home grown intellectual threats appear to be the foremost priority that the government has to concentrate upon.



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