9 common dialogues we get to hear while travelling in a City Bus

Travelling in a city bus is a great experience; what makes the journey more amusing is the conductor/handyman and his shoutings.

Here are 9 of them which everyone of you have heard one day or the other while moving around the city.


1. Slow down the bus bro.

2. No ready, no steady. Just go!

3. Because change cannot be given to you every time, you have to bring your own change.

4. No matter how crowded it is.

5. Once it is dark, it is always a Last Gari.

6. No matter how crowded it is.

7. Our own way of drifting.

8. Bhara is bhery important dei.

9. No stopping ahead.


These are what makes city life amazing. Did we miss anything, do let us know in the comments section.

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