The ‘Rawness’ of Kolkata captured by an Assamese photographer | Photography

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is undoubtedly a paradise for photographers and when it comes to street photography, I believe it is the best place to be in India.

The form of art does not matter but if you are an artist, you can find yourself a paradise in Kolkata. And so did photo artist from Assam Sagar Sarma. The contributing photographer at UniTreed captured the paradise he found and yes, needless to say, the photographs are, as usual, AMAZING!

Here’s the treat to your eyes.


Where lives converge




The Crown

The Mirror called Life (Personal favourite)

Fusion of expressions and indifference

A journey called life starts

The creator who bows down to Destiny

Irrespective monotony prevails

Now you must be thinking how can street photography, that too in Kolkata, be complete without a monochrome photograph. Relax, we got your back on that. Here are two bonus photographs.

The Junction called Fate

Longings seem longer



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