The Beauty of Tezpur through the mobile phone lens of a TU student | Photo essay

By Deepak Kumar

Firstly, let me say that it’s fun to take pictures with a mobile phone. The phone is always with us, always ready to shoot, and I have my studio with me to edit. What’s even better is that I can share the pictures immediately. It’s been long said that the best camera is the one you have with you. One scroll through your Instagram feed and you may look twice, wowed by the quality of photos coming from the phone. Behind the emergence of these incredible mobile photos are countless amazing photographers who, everyday, redefine and push the limits of this art.

Here are a few photographs clicked with a mobile phone that bear witness to the beauty of the phone lens.

Free Soul (Jia Bharali river clicked at Napaam)

Destiny (Clicked near Poruwa)

Shades of Disaster (Jia Bharali)

Depth (Clicked at Ganesh Ghat)

Morning Shower (Clicked at Poruwa-TU road)

The Green Town (TU Campus)

Grow through what you go through (TU Campus)


The dark evening (Ganesh Ghat)

And, as usual, here are the bonus photographs.

Nature’s Canvas (Bhalukpong)

Fearless (Ganesh Ghat)

Here are a few tips that will surely come handy:

One should always keep his/her phone in camera mode so that when you unlock it, it is ready for taking pictures. A good moment is always so easy to lose. If you doubt whether to take a picture or not — take it! Snap it! Some moments shall never be repeated. If you don’t like your picture, you can always delete it; but if you have lost the moment, you won’t be able to turn back time and catch it. And yes, photography is all about patience and fun. The joy of having a camera available at those moments you want to keep is what it’s all about. The best way to improve is to have fun and enjoy the process of doing better than what you had done before.

Happy Clicking!

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