Sunset in Assam is Beautiful! A photo essay by Sagar Sarma

Okay! First things first. Assam is Beautiful! Also, sunsets are beautiful! And by combining these two statements, we can logically come to the conclusion that Sunsets, in Assam, are something beyond Beautiful. Now, come on, we can all agree to this, right? Some of us will agree to this and some of us won’t.

Those who agree, enjoy these amazing clicks by Sagar Sarma, contributing photographer at UniTreed, and those who do not agree, enjoy these amazing clicks by Sagar Sarma while we prove you wrong.

Hues of Tranquility

Now, Bring me that Horizon (Pirates of the Caribbean reference)


A Red Vista

Drizzle and the Sun

Flight mode: ON

The Perfect Harmony

All about the Miracles of Nature

Speaking of Miracles

Shadow of the Day

Of never-ending journeys

Self Differences

We know that you are loving the photographs and do not want the journey to end. Come on, we take good care of our readers. He are the bonus photographs.

The Mystery

The Transit

A shout-out to the Land of Mesmerising Beauty – Assam

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