Sky Speaks | Photo story by a student of AEC

What is the most majestic thing that is in front of our eyes all the time, other than the complexity of life? It is the Sky. One of the most majestic blessing to the earth, the sky is a commonness to the entire world.

A BTech Semester 1 student of AEC (Assam Engineering College), Sweta Mahanta, tried to capture the same through her lens and yes, the clicks do portray the majesty of the skies.

When asked about what inspires her, she says “Well, nature I guess. It inspired me. I loved capturing little moments like a swan swimming in the pond, a beautiful sunset, sunrise, insects specially bugs on a pretty flower. The more I clicked such moments, the more such scenes caught my eyes. Every click inspired me to do better and the compliments of friends and family inspired me even more. My brother saw this passion in me and got me a DSLR and there was no stopping post that.”

Here are her clicks of the sky that speaks of a million stories.

The Blue and the Green

The change of hues

Playfulness of the Sky

A silent spectator

Wanderer, forever


Bonus Photograph:

The Maze

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