Sivasagar photo artist captures tiny lives and they are amazing!

Priyanku Chetiapator, an ardent nature and wildlife Photography lover as well as a photographer, who hails from Sivasagar has a love for tiny lives that stray nature. He captured the same through his lens and it would not be wrong to say that the clicks and the creatures are both majestic.

“I have a love for forests and wild animals that I can’t explain. I dream to be a Nat Geo wildlife photographer one day” he says in a conversation with Team UniTreed.

Here are the captures.

The journey above (Opadometa fastigata, a common wild spider)

The Daily Search

The Grand Walk

Go Green (Lynx, a common wild spider)

Black Beauty

PS. Priyanku is not only into macro photography, he is into other genres as well. He is equally efficient in street and landscape photography. Here is a sample as well as the usual Bonus Photograph.

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