Pothaar and Nature | A photo essay by Dibrugarh based photographer

Assam is known for her greenery and natural beauty. Wherever we head towards to, we find greenery. What add to the beauty are paddy fields. The Pothaars are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful factors that make Assam amazing.

Sanjib Parash Boruah, a photographer who hails from Jorhat and is Currently based in Dibrugarh,  tried to capture the greenery of Pothaar and the beauty Nature in Assam through his lens. The clicks will certainly make you wish to be in the greenery right now.

Take the virtual tour.

Rugged Beauty


The daily journey

Need and Passion


Standing tall


Bonus Photograph:


The photographer is a BA (Sociology) student who dreams to make his own identity through photography. “My friendship with photography began in 2015. I’m a nature lover. Personally, I love to capture Landscapes and monochrome photographs. Taking pictures and learning to see the world, this is my way to see the world around us” he says in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

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