Photo story | Into the wilderness of Kaziranga

By Priyanku Chetiapator

Kaziranga, January 08: It was a beautiful evening on the 19th of December at western range of Kaziranga National Park. We sighted a tiger coming through the grassland. Without wasting a second, we were ready and set our camera for the shot, and waited in anticipation. Fingers on the shutter release button and silence all around! Finally, the marvellous beast came out from the grassland. Oh what a moment it was! I was panning the camera continuously and clicking till the tiger hid again behind the grassland. It was really a memorable day for me. After all, I got my dream shot. I am very much thankful to Kaku Saikia da for helping us get the best frame of the tiger. And this year ending well in my journey through this photograph.

And finally the king entering the frame (A Royal Bengal Tiger and its royal habitat)

“Triple in trouble” (Three Indian Hog Deer alert for the big cats, at Eastern range of Kaziranga National Park)

“Take off in all its glory” (A spot billed Pelican)

 “Red necked Beauty” (Red necked Keelback)

An Asian Elephant with its baby

A scene of serenity (A spot billed pelican enjoys the first sunlight of the day)

Sun down and I am still waiting

Sunset and Loneliness

A Beautiful Blossom (An Indian Roller)

The final toss (An Oriental pied hornbill)

A scape of Indian pride and its habitat

Rise high with attitude

The sinister look (A Crested Serpent Eagle)

Pallas’s fish eagle

Red vented bulbul, at the time of sunset

A fighting scene between two Asian openbill storks

Portrait of an Indian Hog Deer

About the Photographer: Priyanku is an ardent nature lover and self taught photographer. He appreciates each and every creation of nature, and always tries to capture wildlife and birds in their natural habitat.

Priyanku Chetiapator

“I have also been contributing at National Geographic India from the last one year. I also got an Editor favourite from a Nat Geo producer Devid Y Lee” says Priyanku in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. “Wildlife is my true love. We should all save wildlife, the world is not only for us human beings; the world also belongs to them” he adds.

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