Photo Story | A Kid will always be a Kid

Being a kid, I always wanted to be a grown up and that I have grown up now, I wish I were a kid forever. Since that is not going to happen, I had to find an alternative to my wish. Well, the easiest way would have been to be around kids, and see and feel what they do. I have been doing exactly the same for some time now and being around someone who does not expect something from you, who find smiles in everything you do, makes you feel special and loved. So, I decided to share what I saw and felt being around kids in some of the remotest and cut-off places in the state of Odisha. I  try to connect myself and find myself in those little eyes.


There was a time when I had not grown

And I would be dependent , but did I ever feel


I learnt to take a step and thus, began my journey

Thousands of miles I covered and thousands yet to be


As the body grew so did I

My eyes began to question everything I see

First Joy

And there began the journey

That is meant to make me someone

Looking back Now

Someone who has learnt

To carry the weight of own

Back (to) where I belong

Roads diverged,

But didn’t I look back?

Just Sibling Things

All the days I now remember

All the things that never meant anything then

Just Sibling Things 2

All those games we invented, innovated

All those shouts, all those smiles

Carry my Dreams

All the dreams I built alone

I wished for someone to carry on

Opening Doors

Doors the world opened everyday

I realized not; to not lose the way


I look behind everyday I passed

For what we are today, holds the past

Two is better than One

And the ones that have been together

Scripted in my mind, for now and ever

Learning the Trade

And suddenly as if the world had changed

Everything we rejoiced became a need, the hard way

Loads on Head

Grew the responsibilities

Grew the broken dreams


Glance, powerful?

And all now I want

Is to look back and feel

What I was

And could have been



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