Orissa Diaries | Photo story by Assam photo artist

By Parij Borgohain

Recently, when I was travelling through some of the untouched terrains of Orissa, one of my friends said “It is always fun to travel with a photographer. Often you can find them in most awkward postures and positions”. Well, being a photographer myself, I would not deny that. When I am in a moment worth capturing, it does not matter how I capture it (surely not by any unethical means).

My journey took me through some of the places around Orissa which tell stories of a completely different Orissa. Travelling through the tribal belts of Ganjam, Berhampur, Gajapati and Kalahandi districts, I could see how difficult yet beautiful life can be. I learnt the art of satisfying oneself with what we have. Such stories, such lives are difficult to be described in one frame. Yet, the effort had to me made.

Here are the clicks through which I have tried to depict the same.

Just another afternoon nap

They wanted to see the camera, not seen by it

Just sibling things

Misty evening

Those irresistible eye

Excitement in Fear

Information Society (In certain remote areas such as Thuamul Rampur in Kalahandi district, the newspapers reach a date late without any loss of its values)

Hard work pays (Finally I know why Kaju is so costly .Inside a Kaju processing plant, I could see how much of time and effort is invested in each Kaju)

Mother trails in Mother nature

Everybody needs a good fire

Education or Food?

Even the Milky Way did not feel shy to show up. (Gram Vikas,Mohuda, Berhampur)

To know and feel a place, few photographs will never be enough. The only way is to be there and live the moment. Next time I go back to these places, I shall be carrying extra set of batteries and  SD cards. For I know that thousand faces still wait there for me to be seen, thousand stories yet to be told.

Note by Team UniTreed: They say that poets are the best storytellers and photography is nothing but visual poetry. These amazing photographs speak for themselves. We know you loved them. Don’t forget to share.



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