Kohua Bon | A photo story

It was the weekend and a cloudy evening. We started our journey to a beautiful place towards west of Jamugurihat in Sonitpur district. After travelling a distance of around seven kilometres and crossing about 10 villages, we reached our destination at around 3:30 pm. A beautiful land covered with ‘Kohua Bon’. A small tributary of the Jiyabhorali added to the beauty of the scenery.

The first sight somehow took us away from where we were

There was some music in the wind

A bamboo bridge serves the villagers and cattle

A thing of beauty is joy forever, the bridge is one

The best thing about visiting the countryside is the sight of a herd of cows in the grazing land

Evening means ‘Time to get back Home’

Was that site peaceful? Yes!

We never realised how much time had passed while enjoying the beauty that was in front of our eyes. The villagers and the herd of cattle was gone. All that was left was the Kohua Bon and Mur Oxaanto Mon, a restlessness had come to my mind with the thought that we have to leave the place now. One that shall remain till we visit again!

By Rakesh Borah

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