Kaziranga 2013 | Photos from the archive

By Mrinal Deka

It was the later part of 2013 and DSLRs had just become popular, let’s just say the common people had come to know about it slowly. I was lucky to get my hands on a Nikon 3300D and luckier to on a trip to Kaziranga. More than photographs that followed the technicalities of photography, memories of the trip were clicked and a few days back while browsing through old photographs, those old clips were found in a folder. Maybe Kaziranga has changed now, or maybe not; photography standards and technicalities have seen an abrupt upward graph too But Memories are Memories!







Liked this photographs from 2013, when photography had started to get hold of the pace? Then don’t forget to share.

(If you have any photographs from the early days of photography in Assam, mail them at info@unitreed.com and get them published)



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