Holigraphy – A Holi Photostory by Sagar Sarma and Ankur Srivastava

Holi is all about colours and people coming out together united. Signifying the victory of Good over Evil, the colours bring out the real essence of the festival. And what could be better than photographs to preserve the essence of the festival this year, forever. Here is “Holography – A Holi Photostory” to preserve the essence of Holi, 2017.


  1. Drenched

2. The joy of togetherness

3. Gulaal

4. Time passes by

5. No more

6. Spotted

Photos by Ankur Srivastava.

7. Laal dil ka haal hai

8.  Don’t mess with me

9. The Battalion

10. Flying Colours

11. Are you prepared? I am

12. Comrades

13. Generations together

14. Headshot

Photos by Sagar Sarma

Sagar Sarma and Ankur Srivastava are contributing photographers at UniTreed.

Sagar Sarma is the lead photographer and owner of Candid Memories.
Ankur Srivastava is a photography Enthusiast and currently is working on a project on affordable Prosthetic hand at Regional Science Centre, Guwahati.
Featured image by Sagar Sarma.



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