A Samsung Galaxy 5 MP Camera and Arunachal Pradesh

By Rituraj Choudhury

Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh leaves every traveler awestruck with its unparalleled beauty and the gift of nature displayed in every inch of the land. Situated at an altitude of 10000 feet above mean sea level, the picturesque beauty of the place goes beyond the span of one’s eyes to soothe the heart.

The Tawang War Memorial Gate is a feeling in itself

With Tibet in the North, the mighty Sela range in the East and Bhutan in the Southwest, the scenic district gives an experience for a lifetime to every traveler who ventures into her bosoms.

Sometimes beauty cannot be measured or expressed with words, Sela Lake proves it every passing moment

The Bridge that spoke of content travelers

The journey provides some of the most amazing sites one can ask for while travelling.

Narjung Falls (en route Tawang)

En route Bumla Pass, which is around 37 kms from Tawang

Bumla-China Border

A view of Chinese Territory

Sela Lake was beautiful and mesmerising, but equally mesmerising and beautiful was Sangestar Tso aka Madhuri Lake.

The lake was featured in Koyla, along with Madhuri Dixit

And hence the lake is also known as Madhuri Lake

The Madhuri Lake Cafe

The Tawang town provided us numerous breath; we could not have asked for more. The toughest part of the journey was to leave Tawang behind, but hey, Life Goes On.

You shall be missed

The Heart of Tawang

Yellow (Coldplay reference)

Inside Tawang Monastery

Colours of the World

Little Monks

And as usual, here are the bonus photographs:

Chinese weapons (inside Tawang War Memorial)

Once a part of War

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