12 Photographs clicked in Maguri Beel which show the biodiversity hot spot Assam is

Our beautiful state is blessed with biodiversity like none other and one among the many such gems is Maguri Beel. Located in Tinsukia district, Maguri Beel is a hub of wildlife and particularly birdlife as it serves as a transit point for many migratory birds.

One of the contributing writers of UniTreed, Tarkik Dutta, attended a one-day workshop by Nikon India in December, 2016 which was mentored by Udayan Borthakur. They went to the site and explored it by boat; all the photographs were also taken from boat.

Here are 12 photographs clicked by Tarkik during the workshop in Maguri Beel, which is a beautiful hot spot for birds and photographers.

1. The traveler (Ruddy Shelduck)


2. Forward


3. In Search (A Purple Swamphen)


4. Leaving all behind


5. The eye


6. Unison


7. Stance


8. Peek


9. Aside and apart


10. The Triad (Bar headed goose)


11. The Overseer


12. Obscured


“Photography is not just about owning a DSLR and clicking photos, it is a form of Art . To excel in it, one must be passionate enough. It’s never easy. If it was, it would have been boring. Outdoor photography is what encourages me everyday, to take up new challenges. Ever since I owned a camera, I have never seen the world like before.” says Tarkik Dutta. “Do not go for a nice image, go for the best image” is his motto.

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About the photographer:

Tarkik Dutta is a student of Mechanical Engineering (8th semester), Tezpur University. He keeps on travelling through Assam to click wildlife and landscapes. Stay tuned for more of his works. You can contact him at – tarkik229@gmail.com



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