Valentine’s Day Expectation vs. Reality | Watch video

Guwahati, February 19: Not all relationships have a fairy tale walk all through the lane. All that’s picturised in movies and written about in your favorite romantic novels aren’t all that fate has planned for you. Your love story definitely has additional adventures and never thought about surprises – the good and the bad.

Roses are complete with their thorns and uneven roads with all the highs and lows lead to the most adventurous destinations. Relationships would be dull and like a repeated romantic fiction if it’s all about good memories to narrate without the much needed spice. Some realities are definitely better than what we see in fairy tales. So if your plans didn’t work this Valentine week, it’s okay. Grab your favorite snack and sing your favorite song and look into how far you have come, while enjoying this amazing video of Expectations vs. Reality by OmNirvana Entertainment. If it’s all worth it, keep it close.

Check out the video here.

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