Spectrum 2017 Annual Innovation Festival to be held this July | Find all details here


Spectrum-2017, the annual innovation festival of Optics Foundation, this year has a numbers of Workshops, Competitions, Lecture series and special programmes on different categories. All of the programmes will be delivered by well known professionals from different parts of India.

The aim and motive of SPECTRUM is to innovate and explore the talents of the youth population from this region.

One shall have the opportunity to learn a lot from professionals in their interested fields or hobby. Also winners and top participants will be mentored by professionals in their future life.

Workshops include:
A) Photography workshop.
B) Start up fever: Entrepreneurship workshop.
C) IOT & Ethical hacking : IT workshop.
D) DIY Science: Electronics & Engineering workshop.

Events include:
A) Pixelgraph : Photography competition.
B) Quizopedia : Quiz Competition.
C) Handbrake : Start up showcase competition.
D) Show off: Innovative idea & Photo exhibition.

Venue : North Lakhimpur College Autonomous
Date : July 10-11
Time : 7.00 a.m – 6.00 p.m
Photography workshop: Nikon India or Photography Club of Assam

Start up fever:
Riddhinil Roy, NE8x, Banglore; Founder of North east’s first start up accelerator
Hironmoy Gogoi, GKK, Sivasagar; India’s youngest student entrepreneur
Amlan Jyoti Khanikar, GT Tech, Soraideu, India’s only entrepreneur selected for MIT boston, USA.

IOT and Ethical hacking:
Sahil Hassan, Lumenoid technologies, Ex faculty NIIT.

DIY Science: Electrical and Technical Workshop by Kaushik hazarika, IT professional, Bangalore.

Quizopedia: By Quiz master Sayantan Saikia, Gauhati University.

Handbrake Start up showcase: Anurag Prachuryo, Quickfid, Guwahati.

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About Optics Foundation

Optics Foundation is a youth organization of young students hailing from different places. The aim of this organization is to work for Science & Innovation, Environment and Entrepreneurship. It includes students from different educational backgrounds working for a common goal.

Their works include:

1. Publishing Assam’s first science cum entrepreneurship magazine “বিজ্ঞান দৰ্পণ”(Bigyan Darpan).

2. Working on research projects of Horticulture and Flora & Fauna of NE India.

3. Helping rural startups and grass root level innovators from rural areas.

4. Helping publish their story in the magazine.



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