Song promo of Calendar released and the music has hit the right chords!

Guwahati, August 27: The song promo of upcoming Assamese film Calendar was released on YouTube yesterday and one word can describe it the best – RELATABLE. The song “সৰু সৰু আশাবোৰ”, along with the complimenting visuals,  soothes the soul. After all, the music is by none other than the very talented Tarali Sarma.

“Working on Calendar was a very beautiful experience. We have used music, bare minimum and to go with the mood of the story, we have used songs. Siddharth’s emotional and unique voice adds to the mood of the situation. Lyrics are written as part of the script.” says Tarali Sarma in a conversation with Team UniTreed. “Himjyoti has made a beautiful film. He deals with a serious theme but keeps it simple and natural. We are really hopeful.” she adds.

“Everything is great, that’s all I want to say. I am very happy and excited to be a part of this team, to work with some great experienced people. Tarali ba gave me full freedom on the song, and so I did my best. Hoping that everyone will love it.” says singer Siddharth Hazarika on his Calendar experience.

Dikhith Das, Director of Photography and one of the producers, says “Calendar has been a wonderful journey so far. Taking up the role as the DoP, the most challenging part was to capture the mood of every scene. Both our leads Arun Nath and Malaya Goswami has done justice to every frame through their performances. It was an honour to have shot them together. Hope the film does well in the eyes of the audience too.

“Since Calendar has very few characters in its story line, so sound and music are playing very important roles here. Sound of the film is designed brilliantly by Debajit Gayan, with the feel of a small town story. Background score is also a major element here, which is nicely created by Tarali Sarma. We are thankful to the audience who loved the recently launched song promo. Soon we’ll release the complete track and the title song of the movie” says director of the film Himjyoti Talukdar

Watch the song promo here.

It must be noted that the song promo has garnered more than 1400 views on YouTube, within hours of its release.

Calendar is an upcoming feature film written and directed by Himjyoti Talukdar and stars Arun Nath and Malaya Goswami among others, the teaser of the which was released on the 27th of February and anybody who has watched the trailer will agree that it has touched their hearts with its simplicity. The teaser promises of amazing cinematography, and equally good story line and sound design; the director can rest assured of success of the film.

You can also watch the official trailer here.

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