Pahi | A heart touching short film by Folk Films

Guwahati, April 28: Folk Films recently released the first short film they made – Pahi – on YouTube. Pahi is a fictional story that shows a young girl getting ready for a fancy dress competition in school. The story has a simple plot with a twist in the end, that will make the audience think about the present situation we live in.

It may be mentioned that Pahi the first short film made by the members of Folk Films as a team.

Watch the short film here.

About Folk Films:

Folk Films is an amateur group of aspiring film makers; a group of six creative minds clubbed together.

The team wishes to tell stories, in a way which is simple yet effective. “There is a story behind everything. Every day brings with itself some unfolded memories; some wanted, some unwanted” says a team member in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. “We believe in capturing all of it, or as much as possible,through our lenses and then of course, share it” she adds.

“If Parij takes his camera out to capture a moment, Debo (Debabrot) already has ideas about the editing. While Swag (Swagata) hops on into a plate of momo, she already knows how to script the entire idea and of course we don’t need to worry about acting because Swag is there. Without Puja, however, the team might lose out on some great deal of energy and become lazy. And our cute assistant for sound Pranjali; she is basically just cute. Nothing else. Need to edit photographs? Well, Pranjali might come to your rescue then. And when you have got anything to do with English – speaking, writing, script writing, subtitles among others, pile it up on Prateeksha. And yes, she is the perfect helping hand for the entire technical team as well” says another team member.

Folk Films is planning to come with more stories. “The power of differences bind us together, dependent we are to each other” the team says in unison.



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