KrixomNET : An Agri startup from Assam creating waves in the domain of Agriculture

An Agri startup from Assam has been creating waves in the domain of Agriculture in the state.

The startup we are talking about is KrixomNET. Established in April, 2017, KrixomNET provides two services.

The services include-

  1. Agri Shopping Mode

KrixomNET sells agricultural products online and offline and deliver the goods to customers.

2.  Agri Project and Advice mode

KrixomNET also collaborates with other producers in the domain of agriculture for in field projects and marketing of products. They also provide advice and solutions to agriculture related problems which they plan to carry out more rigorously.

They also plan to expand themselves to all fields in the domain including Horticulture, Sericulture, Pisciculture, Home Science and Agronomy.

At present, they have 12+ products listed in their Facebook and Instagram page whereas their website is under construction.

They have already started delivering products to customers and have been receiving positive reviews. The aim of KrixomNET is to create a marketing bridge between the Northeast and mainland India.

It must also be noted that KrixomNET is working in collaboration with Biswanath College of Agriculture on a weather forecasting app for farms and farmers, which will be released within a month.

Members of KrixomNET include-

Dhrubajyoti Kakati, Founder and CEO.

Manash Pratim Chetia, Co-Founder and Chief of Marketing.

Lakhyajit Kalita, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer.

Subhajit Khound, Co-Founder and  Chief of Operations.

Dibyajyoti Kakati, Logistics Observer.



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