Exclusive sneak peek | SATVI, through Fact, Fiction and Fantasy

SATVI, a 5-day art exhibition has been organised at the State Art Gallery, Rabindra Bhawa, Guwahati, by three amazing talents in their field. They are Nilkamal Kashyap, Partha Pratim Hazarika and and Rahul Kashyap.

“The concept behind this exhibition is our long way emotional attachment with art. Art is the word that readily connects all three of us together. Our friendship is defined primarily by art despite of all our inequalities and imbalances. This exhibition is a consequence of our hardships and difficulties we used to face in our day to day lives. Moreover, it is art that has made us capable of resisting all the chaos of this present day world” says the team in a rendezvous with UniTreed.

About the Trio:

Neelkamal Kashyap, who is a resident of Guwahati, completed his Bachelor of Fine Art from Govt. College of Art and Craft. He is currently working as a teacher of fine art in Govt. B.D.S deaf and dumb school. “I have achieved many awards in the national, state and district level throughout my academic and professional career. I basically deal with contemporary realism as a style in my works. I reflect my emotions, feelings and practical experience as a theme in my art. I also concentrate on certain contemporary issues of the society and try to represent it through my art” he says.

Here are two samples of his work.

Partha Pratim Hazarika says “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and everything is real that you can imagine. Being largely self-taught, these two epic quotes of Da Vinci and Picasso have been influencing me through out the past years.My own culture,tradition and of course nature itself have always been my inspiration. I want to explore the world of creativity and find my own existence . Canvas is a creative laboratory, where I experiment with line and colours and try to create a fragrance of my imagination . This exhibition is a beginning of that journey which will eventually lead me to the road where I will able to find me.”

In the exhibition, Partha works on a series of Varna (alphabet). Named as VarnaKatha, where he personifies the vowels as female and the consonants as male. The logic behind this is the reproductive character of vowels in the sense of emotions as the females are reproductive by nature. “For me, vowels are sensitive and graceful. On the other hand, the consonants represent the male. They are more in number but incapable of creating a single emotion just like males are incapable of completing the process of creation” he adds. The other subjects he has worked are village life, fishing and Lord Krishna.

Here’s a sneak peek of his works.

Rahul Kashyap, who is a native of Bongaigaon, studied Physics and graduated from Cotton College in 2014. He then studied Electronics and Communication Technology at Gauhati University. He also holds a senior diploma in fine art from Nikhil Bharat Sangeet Samiti, Kolkata. He is also trained in Indian classical music and western classical guitar.

Here’s what his work looks like.

Amazing, right? For the full show, visit the State Art Gallery on and from August 28.



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