Cherish your human connections with Rendezvous (Unfolding an Unforeseen) | Short film

Guwahati, March 19: The wait is finally over as the much awaited Assamese short film Rendezvous (Unfolding an Unforeseen) has released on YouTube today evening and yes, among the very few good Assamese short films made, this short film is one among the best.

Rendezvous (Unfolding an Unforeseen) is a short film that deals with human relationships, emotions, renunciation and friendship. Having found some old letters, she unearthed a truth from which she was protected for a long time. Curiosity took her to the man who she thought was responsible for everything. Meeting him changed her perspective and she finally could accept the truth, this is the story of the short film in brief.

Cherish your human connections: your relationships with friends, family and close ones.

Watch the short film here.

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The short film is directed by Arindam Barooah and the story is by Khimpi Dutta, screenplay by Nibir Akash Baruah.

Here are some exclusive production skills of the film.

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