5 reasons why you should take part in The Great NorthEastern Run 2018

Guwahati, January 15: Coming February 25, The Great NorthEastern Run 2018 shall provide runners and enthusiasts of the region and the world to cover a distance of 42.195 kms through greenery and scenic beauty from Deepor Beel to Chandubi Lake on one of the most beautiful routes of Assam.

The run has two categories:

  • Full Marathon – 42.195 Kms (Starting point: Deepor Beel)
  • Half Marathon – 21.097 Kms (Starting point: Forest Gate)

The health factor being one of the important reasons to join the run, we provide you five reasons why one SHOULD be a part of this amazing event.

  1. Connect with Nature: The whole 42.195 kms is nothing but greenery and scenic beauty; even the concrete roads lie with a touch of Nature. Escape to a new freshness in the atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Run through the foggy roads, expecting surprises

2. Multiple Amazing Locations in one single run: This one run provides multiple delights. Deepor Beel, Chandubi Lake, beautiful tea gardens, Rani Reserve Forest; what more can one ask for in a single run? But guess what? There’s more!

The Journey and the Destination both assures nothing but peace and awe

3. Spend quality time at Chandubi: Experience peace at the calm and serene Chandubi Lake after the run. The destination is a perfect location for bird watching in Guwahati with more than 20 species of birds, including migratory birds. The Chandubi Jungle Camp also has a Chang Ghar and one can opt for boating too, across the lake.

While at Chandubi, one can also go for trekking at through the Joramukhuria Forest Village nearby.


Image source

4. Pollution Free Run: The route, though not much away from the city, is one of the least polluted route of the state. After all, it’s through a Reserve Forest. If you are looking for machines and smoke, this is not the run for you.

Looking for fresh Oxygen? Come Join Us!

5. Everything taken care of: Registration fee for the run includes transportation by Bus to starting venues along with return to Guwahati from Chandubi Lake. Pick up as well as drop off point for bus transportation is Khanapara Field. Participants can also bring their own vehicle as per their own convenience.

Runners shall also be provided with Time Chip, Finisher Medal, T-shirt, Certificates, Nutrition Bar, Energy Drink, Goodie Bag, Breakfast along with Medical Support.

Stay tuned for more details about the night stay and other updates of the run.

Register yourself for the run here.

Check out the event on Facebook here.



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