Website of KrixomNET, Agri startup from Assam, launched

Lakhimpur, September 26: While majority of the youth population is running behind jobs, a group of young individuals from Lakhimpur has created a new wave in the business sector of Assam. They have recently launched an Agri based online shopping website at the Lakhimpur Press Club.

Their motive is to present ethnic food items, other ethnic products and agricultural equipment produced in Assam, in front of global consumers. KrixomNET’s motto is “Our soil, our Services” ( Amar maati , Aamar hewa). To meet the needs of consumers, they will collect products produced locally by farmers and deliver throughout the country and eventually globally, thereby employing many farmers and youth directly or indirectly. They will also produce different products from their own inventory too.

“KrixomNET is not only for eCommerce. We will operate it through online and offline both” said Dhrubajyoti Kakati, Founder and CEO, in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. KrixomNET also collaborates with other producers in the domain of agriculture for in field projects and marketing of products. They also provide advice and solutions to agriculture related problems which they plan to carry out more rigorously.

Besides these, weather forecast related updates will be provided through the website too.

Visit the website here.



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