Urmila Mahanta starrer Bollywood feature film as Lead to release this November

Guwahati, October 28: In another proud moment for the state, Assam daughter Urmila Mahanta starrer Bollywood feature film “Viraam” is all set release on the 24th of November (tentative). It must be noted that Viraam is Urmila’s second Bollywood release as lead, after Chakallaspur. Her first Hindi film and also as lead is Pareshanpur, however the film is yet to release.

The film has already had its World Premier at Cannes on May 19 this year.

Directed by Ziaulah Khan and produced by Hari Mehrotra, the film is about transformation; how love can transform a person. The film also features Badrul Islam and Narendra Jha among others.

Music launch of Viraam on October 25

Watch the teaser of the film here.

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