Tezpur University students start online petition against anomaly in scholarship payment

By Correspondent

Tezpur, November 01: Two BTech students of Tezpur University, Koustav Mani Saharia (third semester) and Kavya Barnadhya Hazarika (fifth semester), have started an online petition on change.org, alleging irregularities in payment of scholarship under the Ishan Uday scheme. They have demanded the MHRD for regularisation of the scholarship funding.

Saharia has alleged that there has been irregularities in payment of scholarship, that is supposed to be paid every month, leading to difficulties for students. He added that different students are getting different stipends, though they belong to the same stream. He also alleged that the students of the first batch, who have already finished their courses, are yet to receive the full amount. It must be noted that before starting the petition, they had contacted students of other institutions too and came too learn that they have been facing same issues.

The Ishan Uday scheme was started by the MHRD in 2014-15 for students from the Northeast, aiming to provide scholarships to 10,000 students in an academic year. Student from non-technical courses were to receive a stipend of Rs 5,400 per month while technical students, including medical and paramedical courses, were to receive Rs 7,800 per month.

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