Tezpur University students offer a sale on tales within the boundaries of a camera frame

Tezpur, November 28: The clichéd “A picture speaks a thousand words” stood true on Monday, the 27th of November, in Tezpur University. The Department of Mass Communication and Journalism organised a photography exhibition, where amateur and professional photographers came together to gift us a visual feast.

The stories of around 30 students were showcased in a room. Tales of desperation, separation, nature, soul-filling food and flaunting yourself ran amok. The whole event along with the entire decorations (a big shout-out to the decorators) running along the walls to the visiting area gave us a kaleidoscope, somehow making us strangers feel the stories as if they were our own, letting us have our own versions for each story.

The event was formally kickstarted by the Vice Chancellor of Tezpur University. Guests, students, faculty members and more started streaming in. The pensive faces of the MCJ students started filling with hope and then jubilation, as their evident search of the perfect story to tell in a single frame was met with nods and squeals of appreciation.

A big thank you and congratulations to the students of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism and all the people associated with the event. No drug dealer could have cut a sweeter deal than the visually trippy experience you just produced.



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