Supreme Court mandates fitment of Speed Governors in certain categories of vehicles | Meghalaya issues notification

Shillong, March: In exercise of the powers conferred by Rule 118 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (1989) and in compliance with the direction of the Supreme Court order and notification of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, which has mandated fitment of Speed Governors or Speed Limiting Devices in certain categories of existing transport vehicles, the Meghalaya Government has notified the procedures and guidelines for implementation of Speed Limiting Devices or Speed Governors.

The Speed Limiting Devices should be of the type approved by any one of the testing agencies specified under Rule 126 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules (1989) and the Speed Limiting Devices fitted in the model of the vehicles should be the type approved for that particular model.

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Every Speed Limiting Device manufacturer is required to take the following steps at the time of installing Speed Limiting Devices in a vehicle:

  • A unique identification number should be generated for the Speed Limiting Devices installed in each vehicle.
  • Unique identification number of the Speed Limiting Devices should be uploaded in the VAHAN data along with details of the vehicle such as chassis number, engine number.
  • The registration number of the vehicle should be engraved on the Speed Limiting Devices to ensure that the same Speed Limiting Device is not used in another vehicle
  • The Speed Limiting Devices installed in a vehicle should be sealed at the time of installation.

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If the above directions are not strictly implemented during the installation of Speed Limiting Devices, the approval certificate granted to the manufacturer will be withdrawn. Also, if the Speed Limiting Device is tampered with, the fitness certificate should not be issued for the vehicle under any circumstance, this was informed by the Commissioner and Secretary (Transport Department) to the Government of Meghalaya.



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