Sun Valley Hospital conducts free Diabetes detection and awareness camp

Guwahati, June 26: Sun Valley Hospital, one of the leading diabetic care hospitals of the region arranged a free Diabetes detection and awareness camp on June 24 (Sunday) along with Lotus Progressive Centre and Swaswat Youth Organization at Morowa Anandaram Baruah HS School.

The camp was organised with an objective to promote preventive healthcare aiming at detection of any possible health issues related to Diabetes at an early stage such that the same can be diagnosed and treated effectively.

Abhoy Ch Hazarika, Managing Director of Sun Valley Hospital addressed the gathering and spoke about the efforts of Sun Valley since its beginning in 2003 to aware the public about Diabetes.

Dr SK Jain, MS, PhD (Foot Surgeon) spoke about the problems due to infection in the foot of diabetic patients and ultimately loss of limb, in case of delay in treatment of the same. He explained the audience about the precaution to be taken by the patient to amid infection and meet experienced doctors immediately to stop the infection.

Dr Rupam Choudinny, the Diabetologist of Sun Valley Hospital explained about the increase of diabetes patient and asked them to try to avoid diabetes through physical exercise, taking controlled food, amid junk food, checking blood sugar frequently and take the advice of a diabetologist in case of high sugar in blood.

The camp screened more than 150 patients from the locality; most patients complained of problems related to blurred vision.

Dr SK Jain said “With increasing age, the best defense against disease is early detection possible only by regular screening. The free health check screening comprised of health screening in all major specialties. It is our endeavor to make quality healthcare and specialist doctors accessible to more number of people. As part of our social and outreach initiatives, we regularly conduct free health screening camps to create awareness about preventive health check and early detection of disease”.



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