Sohra passes order prohibiting killing of fishes using explosives and poison

Shillong, October 11: The Sub  Divisional Magistrate of Sohra Civil Sub Division has promulgated an order under Section 144 CrPC prohibiting illegal/rampant killing of fishes and other aquatic life forms by using explosives and poison in all rivers and streams within Sohra Civil sub division.

Representative image

The order has been passed in view of the information received that there is ongoing practice of rampant killing of fishes along the Umsohryngkew river by using explosives and poison by unknown individuals and groups resulting in indiscriminate killing of fishes, which may lead to total eradication of aquatic life and cause different health hazards to all who depend on the river for their livelihood, including humans. This order shall come into force with immediate effect up to a period of six months or until further orders.



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