SIMS Chennai doctor conducts media clinic at Guwahati Press Club

Guwahati, Octobber 28: Acclaimed gastro surgeon Dr Patta Radhakrishna from SIMS Hospital, Chennai conducted the weekly evening OPD clinic at Guwahati Press Club on October 27, where the practicing doctor advised over 15 media persons on various relevant ailments. Binay Hatikakoti, a SIMS official in northeast India assisted in conducting the heath camp.

Organised under the ‘Evening with a Doctor’ program for the benefit of press club members along with their dependants, the 21 October camp was attended by well known medicine specialist Dr Brajendra Lahkar from Dispur Hospital. The participants also got the opportunity to check their weight, blood pressure and sugar levels, bone density and pulmonary functions in the camp.

Launched in August 2016 with initial supports from Dr Jayanta Bardoloi, managing director of Dispur Hospital in raising a doctor’s chamber at the press club premises, the series of camps have emerged as a  ‘healthy and rewarding hangout’ for the media persons. Many working journalists with high blood pressure and sugar levels were diagnosed in the previous camps and were advised for follow up actions.

Even though the camps are primarily organised for the benefit of press club members with their close relatives, any journalist of the region (also the country) with their family members may take the advantage of the clinics, said a statement from the pioneer press club of Northeast India adding that similar initiatives are also encouraged in other parts of the region.



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