Program conducted on occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day at Biswanath

Tezpur, May 29: On the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, Nayan Saikia (who is also popular as Assam’s Padman) and his organisation Always Foundation conducted a program at Lukopriyo High School at Behali, Biswanath chariali.

Sikun Relief Foundation from Tezpur, Prayash from Nagaon and Eco Hub from Bokakhat were also part of the program. Representatives of each organisation were invited specially for the program.

Puja Sarkar from Sikun, Dr Akashi Hazarika from Prayash and Nelson Deb from Eco Hub had attended the program and shared their insights.

Puja from Sikun spoke on the stigma and taboos related to menstruation and scenario of menstrual hygiene during flood. Dr Akashi spoke in depth on the biological process while Nelson deb had spoke on eco friendly and disposable pads, cloth pads and menstrual health waste management. Host of the program Nayan Saikia spoke on the benefits of a pad and how to use and dispose it.

The event saw participation of around 300 students of the region.

The vision of the program was to create awareness among the young students, on menstrual hygiene and health issues of Women.

(With inputs from Puja Sarkar)



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