PRAYATI | TISS Guwahati fund raising event for flood victims of Assam

Guwahati, September 12: TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) Nature Club in collaboration with Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship Department of Social Work and different clubs of TISS Guwahati Campus had a Fund Raising Event on September 01, 2017 in the premises of TISS Guwahati Off-Campus, to raise awareness and funds for flood victims of Assam.

“We are all aware of the catastrophic flood that is occurring throughout the state of Assam. The highly destructive flood is also considered to be the worst flood in 29 years according to one of India’s leading newspaper. We, as a collective TISS Guwahati fraternity, have hold this Fund Raising Event bearing the name PRAYATI : Let’s Re-serve which will account not only the fund raising initiative for this issue but will hold accountable for any such fund raising concern in future by TISS” says Ratnadeep Baruah, General Secretary, TISS Students’ Council.

Acoustic Live was arranged and opened for participants from TISS as well as invited guests to perform. The funds collected will be sent to Just Be Friendly (JBF), a Guwahati based Organisation which has started the second phase of Flood-Relief Veterinary Support in Kotoki Chuburi Gaon in Sonitpur District from August 25.

Students from different departments and clubs set up stalls, where traditional food to mint touched Mojito, eye catching dream catchers to organic vegetables from kitchen gardens of students were highlighted and sold.

50% of the profit shall be transferred in favour of raising funds for the Human Victims while the other 50% will be taken in by the participants who took the responsibility of putting things and service on sale. There was also an Exhibition to encourage and give a platform to all the gifted students and bid their chores. Students came forward to showcase their poems, photographs, stories, sketches, art, craft and more.

The event saw the presence of a number of TISS alumni who were invited to support and encourage the social cause. An Alumni of TISS Guwahati, Plabon Phukan, is also actively taking part in raising funds for The Open Window (TOW), an organisation based in Assam. The funds collected from the event will also be donated in favour of his initiatives, as a contribution from TISS Fraternity.

Speaking to UniTreed, Ratnadeep said “The team has done a splendid job in making this event happen. We have managed to pull off a successful event with a lot of happy faces and this is what matters in the end. We tried to involve all the people from TISS and without them, this event wouldn’t have received such appreciation.”

“We are making sure that the money raised will be donated to the NGO partners JBF and TOW, who are working tirelessly in rehabilitating human and animal victims by purchasing goods that they will need and not in the form of currency, following our protocol till the end. Specific measures will be taken by our alumni to make sure the goods donated by TISS Fraternity are used for the flood victims and not exploited for any other purpose” he added.

The organisers thank their brand partner, Swaglok, for sponsoring the event. Red Bull too made a presence by sampling drinks to the organizers, participants and volunteers who worked for the event.

Source: Ratnadeep Baruah, General Secretary, TISS Students’ Council and Founder, TISS Nature Club.



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