New play ‘PIL-99’ staged at the 11th annual Brajanath Sharma memorial inter-state drama festival

Guwahati, September 11: The Second Night of the 11th Annual Brajanath Sharma Memorial Inter-State Drama Festival, being held at Rabindra Bhawan from 9th to 15th September 2015, saw Samahar Natya Gosthee staging their new play ‘PIL-99’, written and directed by Dr. Sitanath Lahkar. The drama highlighted rampant corruption, even in the name of drinking water, and poignantly presented how the verdict of the people’s legal battle is stalled by the powers that be.

A still from PIL-99

TODAY’S PLAY (11th September – 6:30 pm): Guwahati based ‘Prayas’ will present ‘Oposriyomaan’. The playwright and the director of the play are Uddipta Kr. Bhattacharyya and Rituparna Kalita respectively. The play depicts the unimaginable misery of the people, caused by devastating flood, which are further aggravated due to the political game smeared with corruption and yellow journalism of a section of media. The drama ends with a hope of changed democratic and egalitarian society.

TOMORROW’S PLAY (12th September – 6:30 pm) – ‘Shabda’ of Jorhat will stage ‘Bodhidrumar Chaya’, written and directed by Ujjwal Paogam. The play shows how a true freedom fighter after having braved number of battles against terrorism, casteism etc. keeps the banner of logic and honesty flying high.

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