Meghalaya | Rehabilitation Package extended to ANVC and UALA cadres

Shillong, December 24: The Government of Meghalaya considered pending cases of 28 cadres of the disbanded ANVC (B) and 10 cadres of UALA on December 20 and decided to extend the Rehabilitation Package to all the cadres. The Rehabilitation Package was earlier extended to 363 ANVC cadres, 135 ANVC (B) cadres and 50 UALA cadres.

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In addition to the disbanded organizations, the government has also paid Rehabilitation Package to the militants of various outfits such as the GNLA, HNLC and other smaller outfits which were covered as per the Rehabilitation Scheme.

The government is committed to rehabilitate the youth who had gone astray but had shunned the path of violence and have joined the mainstream, said a press release issued by the government. According to the scheme, the surrenderees are kept in designated camps after surrender and are given counseling and skill training. Church leaders and psychologists are also involved to counsel them and help their comeback to the mainstream.

The Government has also appealed to the misguided youths to shun the path of violence and return to mainstream. Due to these kind of schemes and due to the help extended by civil society organizations, Church leaders and people of Meghalaya, a large number of youths have surrendered to the police forces and are now leading a normal life. The security situation has improved all over the state and the youth have realized that the leaders of the militant organisations have their own agenda to pursue and it is futile to join such organizations, added the press release.



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