Meghalaya | Kuroiler birds distributed to partners at Zikzak

Ampati, November 24: In a move to encourage homestead farming activities for sustainable livelihood and nutritional security, Government Chief Whip and Salmanpara MLA Winnerson Sangma on November 22 distributed kuroiler birds to partners at Zikzak C&RD Block, South West Garo Hills. Sangma was accompanied by Mahendraganj MLA Dikkanchi D Shira who also joined in the distribution of kuroilers birds.

During the daylong programme organized by the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department in collaboration with the Meghalaya State Livestock Mission, South West Garo Hills, 1,230 kuroiler birds were distributed to ten groups of partners under the Special Plan scheme. Feeding and watering troughs besides feed were also distributed along with the birds.

The distribution is part of the government’s initiative to uplift the economic condition of the people of the region through backyard poultry farming an at the same time ensuring nutritional security. Informing this, Government Chief Whip Winnerson Sangma urged the people to embrace the initiative  and set an example for others to emulate.

Speaking on the benefits of kuroilers farming, Sangma said that the particular birds grew faster and heavier than normal chicken and therefore could be sold for more amounts. “Three month old kuroilers can be sold for rupees 1,200 and hence rearing more birds will reap in huge profit” Sangma said. “The birds also lay more eggs which can be consumed and ensure nutritional security for children and adults” he added.

Sangma informed that besides poultry farming, the government is also encouraging piggery and dairy farming under the livestock mission. He stated that pigs had been brought and that it would be distributed to partners shortly. Speaking on the occasion, Mahendraganj MLA Dikkanchi D Shira reiterated the need for people to seriously take up government schemes to ensure socio-economic upliftment in the region. “The government through the IBDLP has introduced several initiatives to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to the people, however, partners have the tendency to pursue these schemes halfheartedly” she stated. She urged the people to embrace government initiatives wholeheartedly.



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