Meghalaya CM launches nutritional security program through backyard kuroiler farming

Tura, November 05: Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma yesterday distributed nutritional packages comprising of five 3-month old kuroilers and eight kilos of feed to lactating and single mothers at Bakdil Krimkro Federation Centre, Upper Bamonpara, Dalu.mThe packages were distributed during the launch of the Government’s Nutritional Security Program and celebration of achievement of hundred lakhs loan by Self Help Groups (SHGs) of the Bakdil Krimkro SHG Federation, Dalu, West Garo Hills.

The Nutritional Security program, an initiative of the government and the brainchild of the Chief Minister, aspires to alleviate nutritional deficiency among lactating mothers, children and the aged through the introduction backyard kuroiler farming under the Livestock Mission.

During the programme, Sangma also released the publication of achievements of the Bakdil Krimkro SHG Federation and unveiled a plaque, commemorating the launch of the Nutritional Security Program before gifting two trays of eggs to the Nokma who donated land for the construction of the Bakdil Krimkro SHG Federation Centre. He also felicitated officials of the Meghalaya Rural Bank (MRB), MRB Dalu Branch Manager and three successful poultry entrepreneurs of the region.

Addressing the gathering, the CM congratulated Bakdil for spearheading the movement to achieve self dependency through entrepreneurship and SHG formation. He said that the success of the federation was commendable and in itself motivational. Speaking on the high incidence of nutritional deficiency amongst mothers, children and the aged in the state, he said “The government has been aggressively pursuing to alleviate the dilemma through sustainable initiatives. Besides the National Security Program through backyard kuroiler farming, the government had initiated a scheme wherein initially 40,000 families of the state would benefit from piggery under the Livestock Mission.

Sangma also urged Bakdil Director Fr Sunny Joseph Mavelil to encourage Stevia cultivation among the federation members. The Stevia plant is used as a sweetener instead of high calorie sugar and is in high demand. Hence, its cultivation would reap in soaring economic benefits, added Sangma.

Speaking on the achievements of the Bakdil Krimkro SHG Federation, Fr Sunny said that he believed Krimkro could be declared a Model Federation in the near future.



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