Meghalaya | Base for Multi Facility Centre laid in South Garo Hills

Ampati, December 03: Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Zenith Sangma on December 02 laid the base for a Multi Facility Centre and also distributed kuroiler birds under the Livestock Mission at Gandhipara Kasabanagar in South West Garo Hills. The Minister laid the base in the presence of Betasing C&RD Block Development Officer (BDO) AG Momin, District AH & Veterinary Officer Dr PK Marak and Vice Chairman, State Resource Mobilization Diven Hajong.

Addressing the gathering, Sangma stated that the government is leaving no stones unturned to deliver the aims and aspirants of the people. “The multi facility centre is a unique platform to engage people in skill development programmes linked to livelihood generation activities” Sangma said. He stated that through vocational trainings and workshops organized in MFCs, the government aimed at empowering stakeholders by enhancing their livelihood generation opportunities through various government interventions under convergence mode.

The Minister also informed that the MFCs could be used for marriage functions, community meeting halls and other related gatherings. Sangma also said that the government had launched a scheme wherein each household would be entitled to livelihood generation activities through poultry, piggery and dairy farming.

During the day, Sangma distributed 560 kuroiler birds under the Livestock Mission to six self help groups of the area. Each SHG were distributed 90 birds. The partners were also given five feeding and drinking troughs besides bird feed.

Sangma said that this was only the initial distribution and that registered partners would get their allocations in the weeks to come.



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