Manipur | District Administration provide housing facilities to widows in Tamenglong under The WISE initiative

Guwahati, October 06: The District Administration of Tamenglong District in Manipur has come up with a praiseworthy initiative named ‘The WISE‘ (The Widow’s Smiles Endeavour), under which the Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong District Armstrong Pame along with his staff provide the widow of the region with housing facilities that include toilet facilities and biogas stove along with medical card for their treatment. The project was officially initiated on August 17 and a team of skilled and dedicated workers have been working to provide all the infrastructures. A target of “One week one widow’s smile” has been taken for the same.

It must be noted that the first house constructed under this initiative has already been handed over to Mrs Malingwangliu Newmai by Armstrong Pame.

“The second house identification is now going on, however, the cost is running over the roof due to expensive transportation-we might not be able to carry out more of it” Armstrong Pame wrote in a Facebook post. He thanked his team and everyone involved for the support.



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