Majuli | Student dies on the day of Freshers. Who is to be blamed?

Majuli, August 28: It was early morning and he was getting ready to go to school. Getting ready to school is a casual thing. But that day was special. August 26 was Freshers’ Day. He studied in a government higher secondary school in Majuli. He was studying in 10th standard.

He was in a hurry, he perhaps took two spoons of rice and ran to school. During the function, where everyone was enjoying, he suddenly became unconscious. However, the teachers, instead of taking him to the civil hospital, took him to his house and made him sleep. It was the end of their responsibility. His father, Luhesor Bora, took him to the civil hospital, where the doctor said that he was suffering from heart problem and thus facing difficulties in breathing.

In that case, he needed oxygen facilities. The doctor gave him an injection and said that he needs to be taken to Jorhat immediately and that the effect of the injection will last for three hours. It was 1:30 pm and his father asked the civil administration to help them with an ambulance. But to utter dismay, he was told that it was not their responsibility. After contacting few people, he managed to get an ambulance. But in all this chaos, he missed the 3:30 pm ferry that comes to Jorhat.

They did not get any special ferry ambulance. By 5 pm, they managed to get a ferry, a normal one without any medical facility. His father called the school teachers and asked one of them to accompany him. According to him, they were the teachers who witnessed the whole situation and if the doctors in Jorhat ask him about the incident, there must be someone to narrate the whole story. But again, to his utter dismay, out of 22-23 teachers, no one wanted to accompany them because it was Freshers! It must also be mentioned that the roads are in such a dilapidated condition that carrying a patient through them will definitely add to the side effects. As travelling to Jorhat from Majuli was against the current of the river, it took them almost two hours to reach Jorhat.  When the patient was in the ferry, he was sweating heavily and suddenly he stopped sweating and became cold. Yet everyone was hoping for the best.

They reached Nimatighat, where an ambulance was waiting for them. When the father asked for oxygen, he was mocked by saying that if the patient was provided oxygen during the journey and why does he need oxygen now if he has completed the ferry journey without it.  After reaching Mission Hospital, situated in Jail Road, Jorhat, he was admitted in the ICU and within no time, he was declared dead. The father never realized that his son had died in the ferry itself. It was 10 pm and hence he was kept in the mortuary for the night and they departed to Majuli by 6 am the next day.

People had gathered near their house. In the midst of hue and cry, a teacher from his school came and asked the father for permission to take the child to the school. To offer him tribute! “They were the ones who were not present when they were needed the most, they were the ones for whom Freshers was more important. And now they come and ask for permission.” says a family member.

Majuli is declared as a district but without proper medical facilities and proper communication. There have been recent incidents of patients being carried in hand carts, dead body being carried in a bicycle and many more. And nobody knows what the future has in store.

By Deepali Borthakur



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